Anthropocene Institute's perspective on Oceans

The oceans cover two thirds of our planet’s surface and are responsible for over half of our oxygen and one fifth of our nutrition. They are in trouble. And when the oceans are in trouble, so are we. 

Anthropocene Institute's ocean goals

When we invest in new innovations that help oceans, or connect investors with opportunities, they are based primarily around three goals.

Addressing Overfishing

Anthrocean helps fishers understand where protected populations are; monitors and detects unlawful vessel activity; and supports the F3 prize, dedicated to finding substitutes for wild-caught fish in aquaculture fish feed.

Reversing Pollution

Because agricultural runoff results in oceanic dead zones and toxic algal blooms, we partner with other organizations to find methods to reduce toxins. We also help invent technologies for oil spill cleanup.

Habitat Restoration

Anthrocean supports high-impact restoration efforts, whether it involves eelgrass or oysters. We also fund a wetland monitoring platform.

Interested in learning more about our ocean initiatives?

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