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We connect entrepreneurs, investors, institutions, and thought leaders to solve our climate emergency.


Do you have a technology or solution to take the market? We provide innovators access to scientific, financial, and human resources in the public and private sectors.
How We Empower


Are you a seed or angel investor? Do you manage an established fund? The Anthropocene Institute can help you understand and assess the innovations for the energy transition.
How We Mobilize


The Anthropocene Institute is a forum for governments, universities, non-profits, foundations, and advocacy groups to cross-pollinate and synergize their efforts with the private sector.
How We Partner

Learn about promising innovations and find partners

Promising Innovations

Here’s where we’re placing our bets: reliable atomic energy, LENR, smart grid and oceans.
Learn & Invest

Find Partners

We’re all in this together. Let us help you find the resources you need, whether you’re a researcher, investor, policymaker or advocate.
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Anthropocene Institute in the news

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