We build partnerships for good.

At Anthropocene Institute, we identify the most promising breakthroughs and bring attention to them, even if the return on investment is not immediate. We give thought leaders a megaphone. We forge the connections that enable the smartest people in the world committed to solving the Earth’s problems work their magic.

How we can help Entreprenuers

Business Guidance

Our network of technologists have deep industrial, patent, and policymaking experience. We can help to design your business model and to market evolving market conditions.


We are members of major scientific societies. We work with institutions, including ARPA-E and major research universities, to bring resources needed to build your team.


Our network of investors is dedicated to mobilizing capital to solve Earth’s challenges. We can connect you with the appropriate funder or agency that are aligned with your goals. 

Our Innovation Criteria

Make Clean Energy

The global population grew from 1 billion in 1800 to 7.9 billion in 2020, and it’s likely to stay on that trajectory. We seek out innovations that deliver abundant energy to power our growing population in ways that are clean and safe.

Engineering Safety Margin

We’re looking for technologies that can scale to address the big, global problems we face, such as climate disruption, abundant clean energy, marine conservation, and environmental sustainability.

Improve Cost of Living

Our lifestyles are powered by energy. In the Anthropocene, we have the means to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and enable our modern lifestyles. We seek to build a prosperous world, and that’s attainable with clean and cheap energy. Let’s get to 1 cent energy together.

Displace harmful industries

The Industrial Revolution was driven by fossil fuels, but it’s time to displace oil and gas and other harmful industries — without disrupting our natural ecosystems by, for example, growing massive amounts of corn to produce ethanol.


We educate and mobilize.

Whether you’re a seed investor or part of a major, established fund looking for smart ESG investments, our Institute can help you understand the most promising technologies for solving climate change. 

How we work with Investors


Want to mobilize financing to help build a more sustainable future? Our partnerships with entrepreneurs, institutions, and other investors can help guide your decisions and enhance value creation.


Have questions about promising technologies? We have a network of expert scientists and technologists who have answers.

Access to Innovators

We keep a pulse on the entrepreneurial community. Whether you’re interested in advanced nuclear, carbon capture, or smart grid technologies, we can make introductions to the most promising breakthroughs and innovators.

Advice on technologies to invest in

Atomic Energy

Atomic energy is already among the cleanest sources of energy: no greenhouse gases or toxic pollutants are released during operations. The Anthropocene advocates for the continued operation of existing atomic energy plants and for the development of new reactor designs that are safer to operate and more versatile in use.


There is a technological solution right on the horizon that has the potential to permanently solve the energy problem. Once commercialized, it has the potential to provide vast amounts of zero-carbon energy at low costs.

Electrical Grid

The electrical grid infrastructure is showing its age and is vulnerable to extreme weathers conditions. The Anthropocene advocates for a more resilient power delivery system that accommodates an electric vehicle fleet and grid storage capacity and self generating systems.


The oceans cover two thirds of our planet’s surface and are responsible for over half of our oxygen and one fifth of our nutrition. When they are in trouble, so are we. When we invest in new innovations that help oceans, including reducing over-fishing, reversing pollution, and habitat restoration.


We support R&D and advocacy.

Policies and funding matter. The Anthropocene works with universities, non-profits, and governmental organizations in the US and abroad to drive awareness and support for solutions for clean energy, health, social justice, and prosperity for all.

Types of Institutions we work with


We work with all levels of government, both domestically and internationally, to inform decision makers on innovations and they affect their constituents. We help them understand the maturity of technologies in areas including reliable atomic energy, LENR, electrification, and ocean sustainability. The Anthropocene has actively participated discussions at the Energy Summit by the Department of Energy’s Advanced Project Agency (ARPA-E) program.


When it comes to the problems plaguing Earth, there’s no telling where the best solutions will come from. Researchers and professors turn to us to help establish relationships that advance their groundbreaking thoughts and technologies. We have partnered with universities and researchers in a range of ways. We help fund projects such as Larry Forsley’s Trackers program on nuclear fusion;
Promising Innovations
Mission & Vision
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