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The Fierce Urgency of Now

"We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there "is" such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action."

- Martin Luther King Jr

Anthropocene Institute's vision for Earth by 2030

By 2030, we will have solved the climate disruption dilemma, not through hand-wringing and austerity, but by knowing the facts and investing in and advancing the right science and technology.

We have the power, the knowledge, the tools, and the resources to make Earth a brighter, healthier, endlessly diverse, and plentiful planet — but we have to move faster.

Who We Are

Anthropocene Institute comprises scientists, engineers, communicators, marketers, thought leaders, and advocates — all pulling together toward a common goal: make Earth abundant and sustainable for all generations to come.

Universities we have partnered with

Organizations  we have supported

We Make Connections for Good

Around the world, we fund the most promising science and technology, educate the public and investment communities about breakthroughs, strive to influence policies, and inject hope and positivity into everything we do.


If you’re an entrepreneur with a solution to the climate-change problem, we may be able to help. We engage with startups, whether you’re just coming out of the research stage or looking for ways to commercialize your product.

We can help you bridge the gap between public and private sectors and connect you with investors so your technology or innovation can start making a difference in solving Earth’s problems.


The Anthropocene Institute provides due diligence to an investor pool in the broad program areas of One Cent Energy and Ocean Conservation. Whether you’re a seed investor or part of a major, established fund looking for smart ESG investments, our Institute can help you understand the most promising technologies for solving climate change. We also have a wide network of contacts and we know about the entrepreneurs making a difference when it comes to climate change.


We work with all levels of government, both domestically and internationally, to inform decision makers on innovations and they affect their constituents. We help them understand the maturity of technologies in areas including reliable atomic energy, LENR, electrification, and ocean sustainability. The Anthropocene has actively participated discussions at the Energy Summit by the Department of Energy’s Advanced Project Agency (ARPA-E) program.

We forge connections among government and educational institutions, thought leaders from different scientific fields, entrepreneurs developing the technologies we need, and investors—and we help them work together to address our global challenges.


When it comes to the problems plaguing Earth, there’s no telling where the best solutions will come from. Researchers and professors turn to us to help establish relationships that advance their groundbreaking thoughts and technologies. We have partnered with universities and researchers in a range of ways. We help fund projects such as Larry Forsley’s Trackers program on nuclear fusion; Peter Hagelstein’s work on Nuclear-Phonon coupling at MIT; Jacopo Buongiorno and MIT’s Future of Nuclear Study; and William Chueh and the Stanford batteries project. Universities also provide a talent pool of students who work with us on ventures such as the UC Berkeley Energy Club.


Innovation and education will help us build a better future. We help groundbreaking non-profits like AirMiners educate entrepreneurs and innovators about how to capture and repurpose carbon. And, we co-created a survey about energy preferences in the U.S. with ecoAmerica and promoted the findings to help policymakers understand that the majority of people in the U.S. want nuclear energy as a major part of the energy mix. We promoted a Spanish language air filter for COVID.


We help grant-providing organizations in their mission to address global climate change. When foundations lack the scientific expertise and capabilities to clarify why they should invest or support various climate change technologies or efforts, we can often provide the needed knowledge and resources.

Advocacy Groups

To help get the facts straight and move in the right directions, we partner with a range of “think tanks,” foundations, and other groups to advocate for each other. In one instance, we might provide funding. In another, we might connect groups for cross-pollination, whether that includes thought leadership, a collaborative event, or a simple Letter to the Editor voicing our beliefs. We’ve helped a variety of advocacy groups, including Generation Atomic, Foundation for Climate Restoration, Breakthrough Institute, Good Energy Collective, and Mothers for Nuclear.


When thought leaders’ values and expertise align with ours, we provide them with a megaphone. We advocate for the technologies and policies we—and they—are involved with. We place them on panels at events, secure and write contributed articles under their bylines, and promote their ideas through various channels. Some of these people include James Hansen, Kirsty Gogan, and Dr. Leslie Dewan.

We’ve made earth a brighter place

Fostering science

Could the spacecraft of the future be powered by lattice confinement fusion? Yes.

We helped substantiate the legitimacy and progress of LENR research by supporting NASA’s fundamental work in demonstrating the ability to fuse atoms inside solid-state metals.

Influencing policy

With the existential threat of climate change, we need to immediately switch to clean energy sources, including nuclear. But is it true that people are opposed to nuclear energy? No.

We’ve worked with ecoAmerica for years to poll Americans about their energy preferences. The research shows: people want nuclear energy to help combat climate change—and we want policymakers and investors to know it.

Backing Technology

Isn’t nuclear energy a thing of the past? No.

We support and promote several breakthrough SMR companies creating advanced nuclear energy solutions that are small, safe, and recycle their waste.

Educating people about our options

What are some of our options for addressing climate change? Many.

We help people understand that there is hope and we have many solutions, from SMRs and green hydrogen to carbon removal.

Promoting sustainable clean energy

Nuclear energy is used all over the world. It’s safe, reliable, produces zero emissions and, importantly, delivers an abundance of energy every hour of every day regardless of weather. The solution to climate change is not living with less energy. The solution is embracing better technology, which must include nuclear energy.

Learn how Anthropocene Institute can help bring your innovation to life or discover new investment opportunities.

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