Promising Innovations

Innovation has pushed humanity forward. In the 1800s, the invention of the steam engine kicked off the industrial revolution, enabling rapid economic growth. In the early 20th century, the discovery of antibiotics led to a six-fold increase in human population and a 30 year increase in average lifespan. Subsequently, the transistor chip enabled the IT revolution, virtually connecting everyone through the Internet. The Anthropocene supports a number of early and late stage technologies that show promise for the rapid decarbonization of the global energy system, sustainable aquaculture, and restoration of the ocean's habitats. 

Atomic Energy

Why love it? Atomic energy is always available to help you do the things you love. If you love clean air, atomic energy should be a part of our energy mix. And, people who work in atomic energy love the economies where they live.
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Solid-State Fusion (SSF)

Scientists around the world have observed excess heat when metallic nano-materials react with hydrogen at below 1000 degrees. Could this be a quantum effect known as Solid-State Fusion (SSF), a phenomena that is also referred to as cold fusion? Unlike nuclear fission, SSF does not require radioactive materials like uranium or plutonium. It also does not need the high temperatures and pressures needed for nuclear fusion.
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Electrify Everything

The electrical grid is an amazing network of lines that deliver power from power plants to homes, businesses, and factories. A smarter grid would make power delivery more efficient, inexpensive, and reliable. It would also enable higher integration of electric vehicles and open market opportunities for distributed energy generation.
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The oceans cover two thirds of our planet’s surface and are responsible for over half of our oxygen and one fifth of our nutrition. When they are in trouble, so are we.
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