Style Guide


Dark Brown


Headline 1

Headline 1 is used in banners on the page. Usually white color.

Headline 2

Used as dividing section on a page. Usually earth brown.

Headline 3

Used as a sub section on a page. Usually black or teal.

Headline 4

Used as the title below and image typically found at the bottom of a page.
This is paragraph text

Reusable Components

I created a number of reusable components that you can search for when you click "+Add" at the top of the screen.

Page Banner

Search "Page Banner"

"Page Banner"

Page Summary

Search "Page Summary". Used under every banner.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a solution to the climate-change problem, we may be able to help. We engage with startups, whether you’re just coming out of the research stage or looking for ways to commercialize your product. We can help you bridge the gap between public and private sectors and connect you with other investors so your technology or innovation can start making a difference in solving Earth’s problems.

CTA (Call to Action) Bottom

Search "CTA Bottom". Used at the bottom of most pages.

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