Congrats, AirMiners Innovators, on $1M XPRIZE Carbon Removal Wins!

April, 22, 2022

Congrats, AirMiners Innovators, on $1M XPRIZE Carbon Removal Wins!

On Friday, April 22, Anthropocene Institute partner AirMiners announced that 10 AirMiners members (two graduates of the AirMiners Launchpad program, with a third joining the upcoming batch) are milestone award winners in the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition. Each of the winners was awarded a $1M prize to support their exceptional work on carbon removal solutions.

The AirMiners Launchpad affiliated winners are:

Carbin Minerals unlocks the enormous potential of mine tailings to capture and permanently sequester carbon dioxide. With this proprietary technology, mine sites can remove more CO2 than they emit, while also producing the metals essential for the energy transition.

Plant Village/Carbon4Good leverages the power of 200 million African farms to permanently sequester 1 gigatonne per year through biochar and agroforestry while lifting a whole generation out of the cycle of poverty.

Takachar offers small modular IoT-enabled biochar pyrolysis reactors in a network to rapidly and profitably scale biochar deployment. Enables rural smallholder farmers access to carbon removal credits, to the benefit of traditionally underserved communities while advancing climate justice.

Anthropocene has provided support to AirMiners to help it achieve its goal of enabling entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and designers working to reach gigaton-scale carbon removal — a crucial part of tackling the climate crisis.

AirMiners Launchpad, developed in partnership with XPRIZE and Creative Destruction Lab, is a six-week accelerator program for early teams or individuals working on gigaton-scale carbon removal. Innovators and entrepreneurs hoping to compete for the next phase of the $100M XPRIZE should join the AirMiners Launchpad for startup support.

Sign-ups for Batch #5 of AirMiners Launchpad are now open. Interested entrepreneurs can apply for AirMiners Launchpad at

To learn more, visit, or follow on Twitter @airminers or LinkedIn.
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